Why do I need to register?

You can register early to gain access to your child’s private gallery right after photo day. If you opt for early registration.

If you decide not to pre-register, don’t worry! You’ll receive a second chance flyer after photo day, informing you that you can still view and order photos. However, not pre-registering means you might miss out on special offers and notifications about when the images become available.

Please remember that registering gives you the chance to view the photos and consider ordering. The process is quick and easy online using the code provided for your child.

You are required to register so that we know who you are ordering for and so that your payment is allocated to the correct preschool and child. We will only use your contact information in the event we need to contact you regarding the order or delivery.

These are kept strictly confidential and are not sold for marketing use.

Updated on May 7, 2024
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