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What group photo will i get in my pack?

SchoolPix offers two versions for our school group photography. When booking with SchoolPix – the school will select their preferred group photo format, this will be the format that will be printed and included in your photo order.

Our two styles are ‘formal’ or ‘informal’ photography.

Formal – students are assigned often in height order for the group photo, and formally positioned with uniform requirements to be as symmetrical as possible.

Informal – students are randomly placed, and there is no symmetry in the placement of students in relation to their uniforms.

Schools also have the option to select the format for the group photo – whether traditional or composite.

Traditional group photography is where the class or year level (depending on your school) will be positioned standing together. The composite group photo is a compilation of the formal student portraits, to create a group photo print.

Again depending on your school’s selection – will determine the group print that is printed & included in your order.

An example of the group photo is viewable on our homepage – https://schoolpix.com.au/photo-packages/pack-option/primary-school-packs-group-only/

Updated on February 7, 2023
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