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PreSchool Ordering Stages

Our Parent Portal has three stages for ordering.

1. The Early Bird Stage

This stage occurs before and during the photography session. Here, you can sign up to receive notifications once your child’s images are ready for viewing. Additionally, you can opt-in for the complimentary Insta Reel by adding it to your cart and proceeding to checkout.

Families can enjoy outstanding value with our Early Bird Digital Pass, priced at just $80 — a remarkable 50% discount! This offer is only accessible for purchase until the photography session concludes.

Note: Printed products are not offered during the Early Bird stage.

2. View-Select-Order Stage – FREE Post to Home

During the View-Select-Order stage, families can browse through and pick their favorite photos before placing an order. This process allows families to select the photos that truly represent their child’s personality, bringing happiness to the entire family. It ensures that families receive images and products tailored to their preferences and expectations.

3. View-Select-Order Stage – Post to Home

Once the free Post-To-Home stage is complete, 7 days after the photos are ready to view, ordering transitions to the Paid Post-To-Home stage. During this stage, product prices remain unchanged, but there is an additional $8.95 postage fee. This stage continues for the rest of the year.

Updated on May 7, 2024
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