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My preschool childs name is not spelt correctly- how do i change it?

If you have received your order flyer with your child’s name and unique ID code for ordering your kindergarten photos this year and you notice the name is misspelt please follow the steps below:

If this is PRIOR to photography day at your child’s kindergarten-

Inform your child’s teacher AND /OR the Kindergarten Director – as they have supplied the names for their photography booking.

They will need to change the name during the photo day with our SchoolPix Photography team on the day. If the name is a simple spelling error, we encourage you to call our Customer Care Team to advise of the request to update the name.

As per the online information, you should not order now if the name is incorrect. Please note, we are not able to guarantee that any changes will be made in time for early bird ordering.

If you notice this after photo day – You must contact our customer care team to request an update on the spelling before you proceed with an order online. Our friendly team will give you direction on what to do next.

Note that if you do proceed with an order, your order will be printed in our lab within 48 hours with the name as it appears on your form. If your order has already commenced printing in our lab – changes or updates may be able to be made with our lab at a cost to you.

Updated on November 29, 2022
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