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Is the digital download image printable?

Yes, they are!

When you purchase the digital download (student portrait only is available) your image will be printable up to approximately A4 in size. If you choose to print larger than this the image may appear pixelated.

It should be noted that the file size is not an indicator of the image quality or its resolution.

Images are approximately 9 megapixels and are slightly compressed to be able to comply with our email software for customers to receive them. SchoolPix supply download files in JPG format only.

Please note that SchoolPix does not guarantee the print quality of the image when using an external provider/retail store or printer that is used.

Further information can also be found at https://help.schoolpix.com.au/kb/i-purchased-a-digital-download-how-do-i-get-it/

Our customer care team can assist you with any further queries you may have via help@schoolpix.com.au

Updated on March 21, 2024
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